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Write a 12 page double spaced research paper using ONLY primary sources. Also, please make sure all grammar and sentences are corrected. Please properly cite every source which is used in the paper using only 6 PRIMARY sources. The quotes can not be longer than 2 lines at most. In addition, when writing the paper please side with one side in the battle throughout the paper and explain why their victory or loss was a greater influence on their country. I listed below some questions do answer. – What was the prelude to this battle – Why was William, Duke of Normandy, the winner of the Battle of Hastings? – What was each side’s tactic during battle – Why did the – What happened at the end of the war to each side? – How to William carry his victory? – What do they tell you about the event? – What different perspectives are presented? – How were the Saxons different from the Normans? Some PRIMARY sources are: 1. The Battle of Hastings: Sources and Interpretations (Warfare in History) – Stephen Morillo 2. The Battle of Hastings / Jim Bradbury 3. The battle of Hastings / Peter Poyntz Wright.


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