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Please respond to the following discussion prompt. Your response posting should be at least 500 words long. *In order to receive full credit for your discussion forum postings and replies, be sure they are thorough and free of any spelling and/or grammatical errors and that you meet the deadlines Discussion prompt, Week 5: Based on your readings and life experiences, how are women viewed in contemporary U.S. society? What factors/ dynamics contribute to your view? What women did you base your response on? (Another way to ask this is to ask if all women are viewed the same way in contemporary U.S. society?) Do you think gendered codes in advertising have any effect on how we see each other? Or on how we interact with each other? If so, how? (Use the videos as starting points, but don’t limit yourself to those ideas.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6wJl37N9C0


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