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Compose a focused paper which explains and describes your INSOMNIA from a scientific and/or mathematical/analytical perspective of inquiry. What are the anatomical, physiological, pathological, or epidemiological INSOMNIA? Which body systems are affected? What happens at the cellular or genetic level? Which chemical or biological issues are most important? • What are the economical INSOMNIA involved? • Which economic theories or approaches best explain the INSOMNIA? • What are the statistical facts related to the INSOMNIA? Which statistical processes used to study the issue provide for the best explanation or understanding of the INSOMNIA? • What laws govern or pertain to the INSOMNIA? • What ethical obstacles affect how the issue is addressed by the medical community? • How do ethical theories apply to the INSOMNIA? How are money, power, and control matters related to INSOMNIA and its treatment? • Which cultural values and/or norms influence the INSOMNIA? • How is the INSOMNIA addressed differently in varying cultural contexts and situations? • Which cultures or societies are most affected by the INSOMNIA? Why? Which cultural traditions affect the treatment(s)? INSTRUCTIONS Be 16 pages in length Introduction (1–2 pages) Conclusion (1–2 pages) Reference 14 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources NOT MORE THAN 3 YEARS OLD Follow APA formatting guidelines for this paper.


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