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This is a robust annotated bibliography. Your task is to find ten items related to a turning point in Western civilization. Introduce your turning point, tell us why you chose it, compile your list one item at a time, describe each item, and present the entire list with descriptions to your classmates. What is a turning point? Western civilization is different before and after this point in time. Something happened to change the course of Western civilization, and the change seems rather sudden as we look back at it. The turning point might be a person, an invention, a war, a discovery, an economic shift, a new way of thinking or creating – something sudden and dramatic that is worthy of our attention. Your turning point might be big. In other words, it may have affected Western civilization widely and deeply – a profound change that reverberates even today. Or, your turning point might be more modest. In other words, it may have been isolated to one ethnic group or region, or perhaps the effects faded over the centuries even though it was important at the time. A tip: Sometimes a more modest change is easier to handle for your short final paper. The larger the topic, often the more you need to explain it. The specifics: State your turning point and then start looking around. Most likely, the turning point you state at the start of your search is not exactly the turning point you end up with for your final paper. Pick a turning point that is not too big and hard to state, because then it is hard to narrow it down to just ten items. However, don’t pick a purpose that is too small. A tiny purpose might make it too hard to find ten items that are connected to each other. For example, don’t pick “the British empire” as your purpose. That is way too big. You certainly would find ten items. Indeed, you would find thousands and thousands. On the other hand, don’t pick “the ten funniest tweets ever about changes in French cooking.” It would be pretty darn hard to come up with a substantial paper about ten tiny tweets. Pick a turning point that interests you academically, something related to this class that you would like to find out more about, something you would like to share with the rest of us. Types of resources for your annotated bibliography: Non-fiction books. Scholarly articles in our library. Robust, reputable articles on websites. Novels of historical fiction. A feature-length movie or television show which focuses on the topic. Do not choose items that are too short. Your bibliography is scholarly, and so use substantial resources. You need some scholarly sources from our library. I do not have a particular number as a requirement, but you need some. Visit our online library and browse the scholarly journals. Ask our librarians for assistance as needed. Be sure to describe each item in one solid paragraph per item. Then, in a second paragraph, analyze the item in a way that tells us how it supports your thesis that this is a turning point in Western civilization. A short sentence per item is not enough. A page per item is too much. Tell us enough to let us know what the item is in case we want to take a closer look. You need two solid paragraphs per item, with correct spelling and grammar. Do not plagiarize. In other words, do not copy your paragraphs. Do not quote in your paragraphs. Use your own words. This is very important. You will fail the assignment and perhaps the class if you plagiarize. The format for the reference for each item must be in APA format. The paper is not an APA-formatted paper, but each reference needs to follow the format of an APA reference. Include all of the information about the item that is necessary for an APA reference. Put the information about the sources in the correct order for an APA reference. Your grade: Your professor will be asking the following questions as he grades your paper. Do your opening paragraphs introduce your turning point and make us want to read more? Do you have ten recommended resources which supports your thesis that this is a turning point in Western civilization? Are each of the items substantial, or did the student toss in some items which are too brief to be truly engaging? Does each item have a solid paragraph which describes the item? Does each item have a solid paragraph which analyzes the item? Did you use proper spelling and grammar? Does the reference to the item include all of the necessary information in the correct order for an APA-formatted reference? Did the student submit the paper on time, in the proper format, and in the correct place? Is the information easy to read and understand? Did you use your own words when you wrote the descriptions? More information about grading is available below. A caution: Many students procrastinate on this assignment, and then they are disappointed by their grades. Work on this paper a little bit at a time. Don’t wait until it is due and then scramble to find ten good items. Instead, build your list one item at a time. Make your paper look like this: In the first paragarph, please state the purpose and topic of your paper. Set the scope. Readers must have a clear idea of your turning point before they continue to read. Be sure to set the scope of your topic – it should not be too big or broad. This takes one paragraph. No citations or references are needed. Single-space your work, with a blank line between paragraphs. This makes it very easy to copy from your word processor and paste into a Blackboard discussion posting. In the next paragraph, tell us why you chose this topic. Why is this topic academically interesting to you? Also, feel free to offer any general observations – did your research change your views in any way? Again, you do not cite sources in this paragraph. After your opening paragraphs, start your annotated bibliography. Remember to put each reference in APA format. One exception: You do not need to have a hanging indent or double-space your reference since that is hard to do in Blackboard. However, have one paragraph that describes each resource and a second paragraph that analyzes each resource. Do not copy from your articles – use your own words. Seek assistance from our Writing Center. They are wonderful. Here is an example of a reference and a description. You need ten of them. Suzuki, M. (2007). Rewriting the odyssey in the twenty-first century: Mary zimmerman’s odyssey and margaret atwood’s penelopiad. College Literature, 34(2), 263-0_10. This article can be found in Bellevue University’s online library in the Proquest database. The article addresses … [put your summary here]. The author provides evidence of several features which support … [put your analysis here]. Don’t forget to make it obvious – what is this resource about? How does it support your thesis that this is a turning point in Western civilization? Be clear, be concise, and be scholarly


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