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I have 7 discussion questions that are due. The questions only require about 120 words. This is not an essay or researh paper. They are only questions that have to be answered. Discussion Question #1. On the Internet, there are many websites who support and provide responsible stewardship. Please find a unique website who’s article you find interesting but also follows Saint Leo’s core value of responsible stewardship. Describe the website and provide a URL [this site must be unique and not used by other students]. Tell us why you chose this site, and why you believe they support or provide responsible stewardship. Also, tell us why responsible stewardship is important. Discussion Question #3. Log into the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library, ACM database ( http://slulibrary.saintleo.edu/c.php?g=367766&p=2486042 ) and find an article which talks about respect but the overall topic may be any topic that you are interested in. Talk about the article you have chosen and provide the APA citation for the article [this article must be unique and not used by other students]. Tell us why you chose this article and how respect played a part in the article. Also, tell us why is respect is important. Discussion Question #4. Excel is a very powerful tool for many businesses today, regardless of the size or type of business. Businesses can thrive with the use of the Excel software, and with the use of core values such as community. If you were to open a new business, tell us what type of business it would be, why, and then tell us how you could incorporate the core value of the community into your new business. Discussion Question #5. With the business you created in the previous discussion, tell us how you could use Excel and the new functions, graphs, and features covered in this Unit at your company. Additionally, tell how important or unimportant the integrity of your data in Excel would be for your company to grow. Discussion Question #6. Image your company has now grown larger and you have now moved to using an Access database so that 15 of your employees may enter data, rerun reports, and keep things going. Tell us what types of data would need to be collected (what table names and fields would you need). Also, tell how important or unimportant the integrity of your data in Access would be for your company to thrive. Discussion Question #7. Companies use lots of reports to see how their company is developing. With your company now using Access, tell us what types of reports your company would need. Additionally, personal development is also very important to many businesses. Tell us how you might use a report to show the personal development of your employees at your company. Discussion Question #8. For your company, you have weekly meetings with stakeholders and employees. You need to present your weekly successes and challenges using PowerPoint. Tell us what types of PowerPoint features you would use in your presentation, and how you would ensure you are abiding by the core values of excellence, respect, and integrity.



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