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The strategic planning process is essential for all organizations. Strategic plans help organizations’ leaders and stakeholders keep sight of their missions and visions, achieve their goals and objectives, and address their challenges and issues. As a health care leader, you must be able to develop a strategic plan and use it to drive your organizational decision making. For the Final Project, you develop a comprehensive strategic plan to address challenges that have adversely impacted a health care organization. To prepare: Review the Hillsboro County Home Health Agency, Inc. (HCHHA) case study in this week’s Learning Resources. Note: Your Final Project should show effective application of triangulation of content and resources in your conclusion and recommendations. The Assignment HCHHA’s board of directors and executive leadership team have asked for your assistance with addressing some of the major issues that have adversely impacted the organization’s financial and operational performances. They have requested that you advise them on the following: Strategies to help the organization address the absence of a Medicare-certified hospice, which has inconvenienced patients and their family members and has led to negative publicity for the organization Strategies that might improve HCHHA’s overall financial performance Strategies that might improve HCHHA’s operational performance Strategies that might assist HCHHA with effectively addressing the various external factors that may potentially threaten its market share In a 20-page strategic plan, include the following components: Mission statement (provided in the case study) Vision statement Core values SWOT analysis Grand strategies or long-term strategic priorities Operational and tactical plan Key performance and evaluation indicators Change management plan, including the following: The size of the change and its impact on the community and the organization The organization’s readiness for change Change management strategy Team structure and responsibilities Sponsor roles and responsibilities Planning and implementation Communications plan Change management resistance plan Training plan Incentives and celebration of successes Timeline/schedule of activities Budget for change management The 20-page narrative plan should be written as if it were to be presented to the board of directors. The plan should also include the following pages that will not count toward the 20-page limit: One-page Executive Summary Tables, graphs, and/or charts The plan should include at least 15 current (no older than 4 years) quality resources, with 10 of those resources being from peer-reviewed sources. In addition to the paper, you must produce a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the key elements of the paper. The presentation should not be more than 15 slides, excluding the cover slide and the appendices. Be sure to include 100- to 150-word speaker notes to explain the content on each slide. This Assignment is due by Day 7 of Week 10. Note: Submit your 20-page narrative plan to the Project Part 1 – Week 10 submission link. Submit your PowerPoint presentation to the Project Part 2 – Week 10 submission link. The American College of Healthcare Executives Competencies Assessment tool is used to assess health care managers and executives in critical areas of health care management. This valuable assessment is designed to help you identify areas of strength and areas you may wish to include in your personal and academic development plan after you graduate from Walden’s MHA program. Also, you can use the assessment score to identify gaps in skills necessary for optimizing performance. For the Final Project in this course, your Instructor will assign you an overall competency level score based on the work submitted in the Final Project. This competency level assessment score is for your information only and is offered in addition to the grade rubrics, grade points, and grade feedback provided by your Instructor. The competency level designations are as follows: Novice = 1 Competent = 2 Expert = 3 http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ibr/article/view/31563/20091 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLRuR-3IZ7Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vErN_7r3INI


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