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Curriculum Mode: Critical Review Each student is required to develop an applied project. This assessment requires you to identify and analyse marketing systems theory at work in the _real world_. First you must identify an Australian organisation that has been involved in the recent Banking Royal Commission and identify what went wrong from a marketing systems perspective. Finally, you will need to suggest 1-3 ways the organisation can improve their structure and functioning to avoid being involved in future scandals. We expect you to reference in the Harvard style. Your reference list should contain between five to ten academic references. Some suggested headings for you report are as follows: Introduction -Clearly outline the purpose of this report. Institution’s role in Royal Banking Commission report -Identify the wrongdoings of this institution based on Royal Banking Commission report. Role within a Marketing System -Select the most relevant marketing system theory to justify their roles Recommendations -Provide specific recommendation to improve their performance in Marketing System perspectives.  


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