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That is a dissertation for my master’s degree and I absolutely need distinction and that is why I am paying a lot of money, 1- Use at least 200 footnotes in this dissertation 2- Use 50 secondary sources and also use acts and regulation 3- Use the most profound authors, journals and books and get their ideas and use it in this research 4- I recommend you to use Westlaw, LexisNexis, and BBC for your points 5- Use case law to demonstrate your point and back it up. Provide at least 4 case law to support one of your ideas Some Important Notes for you: The ideal dissertation should: • Be written coherently and concisely in a well-structured and easily readable form that is clear and free from unintended ambiguity. • Present evidence of independent critical thought. • Display originality in the novel interpretation and presentation of existing information, the approach to the problem, the structure of the argument, the discovery of new information and/or the presentation of new ideas. • Display thorough and critical knowledge of the relevant literature, concepts and ideas and a sense of proportion in evaluating evidence and the opinions of others. • Display notable depth and breadth of understanding and perception relating to relevant ideas. • Employ well-focused, relevant, cogent and sophisticated reasoning. • Show how the project relates to current knowledge in the area to be investigated. • Present a coherent research project with clearly defined aims. • Use clearly defined and appropriate methods to gather “data” (whether this is new data arising from studies in the field, laboratory or on collections, or from critical reviews of relevant literature). • Select data that are appropriate for addressing the questions posed by the project. • Use clearly defined and appropriate methods of analysis and/or synthesis of the data. • Apply the chosen methods rigorously and consistently, indicating clearly (if appropriate) why and how the methods adopted were improved or modified during the course of the project, and showing critical awareness of how they might be further improved in future work.

• Present the results clearly and appropriately. • Draw appropriate conclusions from the results, showing critical awareness of any limitations in the methods and the material available for study, • Indicate potentially fruitful avenues for developing future research in the chosen subject area. • Cite all sources clearly and precisely, and give detailed references in accordance with the stipulated conventions 6- Use at least 10 times from Statistics and Report around Brexit to back up your points and make a Pie Chart for each of them ( you can use excel to make a pie chart for statistical information). It is a data stored in the dissertation helps you in the whole essay and specifically in your opinions in the essay 7- have an opinion or a say on the information you provide. Analyze the information and offer better solutions for them. It is important to weaken some arguments already provided in the research. 8- have an independent opinion at the end of the research, for instance, if you provided some famous and important general legal opinions around Brexit, just say your word and provide the argument. You must use bullets for the arguments in order to have a better format 10- only follow Odcola format 11- I want you to write 11.000 words, however, my dissertation must be more than 12.500 so I attached a paper which is in 2000. please either start that information in the dissertation or start from there.  


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