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Please analyse the CDS case study and attempt the following. All points must be addressed. Students should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of operations management, with specific focus on links between business strategy and operations. Students should demonstrate clear understanding of the need for process improvement in an operations contents. You are required to produce no more than ten Power Point slides in response to the assignment brief. You should present your discussion of the content of each slide in Power Point note form. Not including the content of the slides, the word count for the written component is 3000 words (+10%) You should approach the task as you would if asked to present findings and improvement plans to management. As an academic work, appropriate sources should be used to support your arguments. Harvard referencing conventions apply. As a newly appointed consultant to operations at CDS you have been tasked with making improvements to manufacturing operations to ensure continuity and growth in line with business strategy. From your findings of the case analysis, please produce a presentation addressing the following: • Define the strategy types in evidence at CDS and identify how operations has been designed to support these strategies. • Analyse how the three core functions work together to support the strategies, and discuss any weaknesses identified. • Evaluate the future impact of development of the design house and major retailer services on manufacturing operations. • Recommend changes to manufacturing operations to ensure that production develops to support these future changes and challenges.


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