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What is “Conscience Rap Music” and how does it impact the youth and society? Can you provide (2) songs of Conscience Rap and then explain their significance in detail. The songs chosen could be either from the past or present or a mix of the two. It will help with your analysis to do comparisons of the songs as well. How might this type of positive Hip Hop still be misunderstood in the 1980s while the other most popular genre among youth Heavy Metal might get more of a Pass from critics? In addition, after 1995 Hip Hop and its culture had become a mainstream force among the Youth spreading outside its core of New York City. In your opinion, what are some of the Key Elements of Hip Hop that made it so popular ? Also can you provide (2) more songs of Hip Hop outside of NYC as examples with explanations. (1400 words or more should be sufficient to answer the above and in total you should provide (4) songs to answer the above.


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