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Five Year-Career Questions: • Personal and Career Self-Reflection: Where are you at in your life and career, and how did you get to this point? • Skills, Abilities, Traits, and Character Audit: Analyze your individual skills, abilities, traits, and character in detail as a guide for preparing your SWOT Analysis. How can these areas be improved? • Personal and Professional Development Plan: Based on your personal analysis in your Personal and Career Self-Reflection, Learning Style Inventory Self- Reflection, Decision Making Style Assessment Reflection, Skills, Abilities, Traits, and Character Audit, and your Personal SWOT Analysis, address the specific areas you need to improve. Develop a plan for improvement that encompasses the short term (one year) and long term (one to five years). • Personal Mission Statement: Develop a mission statement to guide you on your path to personal and professional development. Your Personal Mission Statement must have specific attainable goals set in time. • Career Objectives: Establish your specific career objectives (minimum of three and no more than five). • Career and Industry Profile: Evaluate the current industry your career falls within and determine the industry’s potential during the next decade, including growth potential, jobs needed, technology requirements, specific skill requirements, education requirements, and geographic requirements. • Career Action Plan: Develop a plan for how you desire to attain a job in your specified career path. Where will you enter the career path and how will you progress? • Career Feedback Plan: Describe how you plan to assess your success in your chosen career path. Then each student will develop a personal development plan to include: 1. What will be done (Tasks/Action Steps) 2. Resources needed, including time, support, and finances 3. Timeline Students must communicate how they will show evidence of success and evaluate their process. Additionally, students are required to complete a long-term career goal, identify where he/she would like to be in the next five years, determine the steps to take to get there, and identify the five-year goal, yearly benchmarks, and action steps.


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