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Part A ASSIGNMENT This is the final critical analysis essay on “My Last Duchess”. This essay should be very simple by using the outline correctly. The first paragraph should be the introduction sentence(s) and the thesis statement. Once you place them together then indent. Please, you cannot use personal pronouns or contractions. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font size. Double-space the work and of course indent all paragraphs. The outline should start to look like an essay and NOT an outline. It should be 5 paragraphs in total that is the introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. PART B ASSIGNMENT Type a 200-word essay on Anita Florence Hemmings. Find out who she is and what drastic event happened in her life. The work is double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font size. Lastly, give a Work Cited page of where this information came from.


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