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Your paper for this course will be a discussion on the topic of your choice, using the readings and discussions from the course, along with ideas from The Power to Heal. You will choose a topic and then develop a discussion and argument from a particular concept or description in the readings and supported from class materials and other sources. In other words, you need to identify a controversy, problem, or question about this topic and argue for a specific position. Your paper must begin with a narrative from your own experience, the experience of someone you are close to, or, if you don’t have one, you can use a narrative from the news (from local, national or world news, in the newspaper, on TV or radio, or in an online news outlet). Make sure you read the example papers in eCourseware. Below are some ideas: 1. Expand on any of the discussion questions 2. Read the supplementary power points for a topic that interests you. 3. Go to a medical blog to find an interesting topic. KevinMD.com is a good one. You can also search within a medical blog, or elsewhere, for a specific condition and see what people are writing about. 4. Watch the news or go to the Health sections of online news outlets 5. Think about your own experiences with illness 6. Analyze the way a certain health issue is presented in the media: TV shows or movies, ads on TV, newspaper articles, etc. 7. Look at all the links I provided on the syllabus The goal of the paper is to build an argument concerning a topic that interests you. This is not a “research report.” You need to take a stand on an issue that we’ve talked about or that you’ve read about during the semester. Requirements: 1. The central topic of your paper must be communication as it relates to the issue, condition, idea, or concept that you are writing about. For example, what are the communication issues involved in persuading and helping a person to complete an Advance Directive? Your argument could be that physicians need more training about advance directives, the public needs more training, the forms should be written differently, etc. You must also then include a solution. 2. 5 full pages, double spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point font 3. “References” page does not count as the 5th page 4. APA style, including the properly formatted title page, running head, and page numbers. Look at the OWL for instructions.


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