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MLA format with MLA in text citations and a works cited page A comprehensive discussion some of Rubin’s ideas in Future Presence and your reflections on how well the author discusses his own thesis. You own thesis that clearly shows an interpretation of the book and its value as a text on Virtual Reality. (This involves some summary but more critique of the information, the speculations and concepts, the voice and writing style). Other sources other than yourself and Rubin’s book are not mandatory but encouraged as your paper need specific and concrete examples that move way beyond referring only to the Internet, smart phones and television. You must well explain and reflect on how VR –in your estimation–will influence our entire culture. An outline must accompany the final paper( The outline should be in the same MS Word attachment and presented at the start of your paper.) The essay without the works cited or the outline must still equal three to five pages in length. I would think this essay should lean closer to five pages to be thorough. Clear thesis and clear topic sentences for each body paragraph Body paragraphs that fully develop an interpretive stance toward the book and its information. Well integrated quotes from the primary source with full in text citations Assertive interpretations showing a collegiate level and scholarly approach to the idea of technology’s influence on society as presented by Rubbin. You are critiquing the book and the author as well as its predictions. No personal pronouns: you, I, we. If you use any other sources like a study guide, reviews or critical articles in your essay they must also be cited A creative and memorable conclusion that does more than parrot the introduction but leaves your reader with an understanding of what your comparison has brought forth in relation to the social and cultural trends. Accurate works cited page Sophisticated collegiate approach to writing using active verbs, present tense, and Standard English with proper punctuation and grammar. ( You may also use future tense).


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