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Way to solve stimulant misuse problem among college students


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You’ve been invited to attend an undergraduate student research conference titled “Improving Health and Human Performance” Students from U.S. colleges will gather at UCI to stand and give 12-minute presentations on research topics related to issues facing teens and young adults relating to health and improving performance. Such conferences are exciting opportunities to hear various ideas, thoughts, and arguments from students from all walks of life. The conference organizers want this conference to function as a think tank: How can undergraduate college students, even first-year college students, address contemporary social problems in fresh and interesting ways? In response to this, you will build a project in which you advocate in concrete and meaningful ways for a solution to the problem you have identified. In other words, your arguments for solutions in combination with the analytical reasons you provide for why you have chosen to focus on particular solutions will (after weeks and weeks of diligent engagement) become a richly-textured thesis statement, one that deepens your articulation of the problem at hand and argues for convincing for ways to move forward. Here are the things your project should do. Introduce: Capture your audience’s attention with an anecdote, news event, personal story, question, problem, paradox, or common (but interesting) human experience. Define: You can assume that your audience has not read your CP, so boil down the work you did there into its essentials. What is the problem, and what evidence is there that it needs to be solved? You may mention historical aspects if they are relevant. Propose solution(s). This will require you to do the following: Decide which solution will be most effective. For this paper, focus on one solution and explore its implications in depth. Present research that will support your reasoning and explain it carefully and concisely. Show that you understand your audience’s values by focusing on reasons that they will find convincing. Describe other solutions and why they would be less effective. In other words, review alternative opinions or counterarguments and respond to them respectfully and intelligently. Define the parameters of your solution. Who has the power to implement your solution? What steps need to be taken in order to implement it? What are the potential costs and challenges? What can your audience do to support the effort? Conclude: Wrap up your paper by explaining what action your audience should take to help solve the problem and by explaining why your research matters to your audience (its implications, the “so what?” of your presentation) For this genre, you will write in a comfortable but intelligent style suited to the college students in the audience. Think about the kind of presentation you’d like to hear about—and give that presentation. Basic Requirements: Include at least 12 sources in MLA format (8-10 scholarly) Be at least 2500 words long Include at least three multimodal items (photos, graphs, charts, videos, pull quotes, footnotes, hyperlinks, etc.)


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