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The 2009 movie “Which Way Home” 

The topic of this paper is the 2009 movie Which Way Home. This movie is for a class for Introduction to Latin America and the paper needs to be in MLA format. THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE TEACHER ARE: – Use MLA style. – Write at least 6 pages plus a bibliography page. – Cite when necessary. This paper will be dropped in a drop box that checks for plagiarism from the internet and other papers submitted on the same topic, so make sure you cite properly, so you do not have to worry about plagiarism problems. This Site will not let you turn in your paper past the due date and sometimes it is a very slow Site, so DO NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE TO SUBMIT IT, BECAUSE IF IT IS NOT FULLY LOADED BY THE DUE TIME, IT WILL CUT YOU OFF AND WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO SUBMIT IT, SO PLAN IN ADVANCE!!!! – The content of the paper should be the following: 1) Introduction 2) A brief summary of the movie (Do not get the summary from the internet, remember plagiarism) (maybe one paragraph). 3) Description of the character that you liked the most and why or the character that you disliked the most and why (two to three paragraphs). 4) Description withspecific examples from the movie of how Latin America (or a specific country) is portrayed in the movie. What are some of the problems of Latin America ( or a specific country) that this movie is showing. The issues/ problems can be regarding culture, society, politics, economics, geography, etc( maybe one and a half pages or two). 5) From the previous description, state which do you think is the main problem of Latin America that this movie is portraying or what issue you found more interesting, intriguing, eye- opening, sad, etc and why? Also state if any of these issues are new to you or if you already knew about them (two to three paragraphs maybe). 6) Your personal opinion of the movie. Did you like it? Yes? No? why? ( two paragraphs maybe). 7) Conclusion 8) Include a page with bibliography (this is not included in the six pages)if you choose to do research on the internet to support your arguments with the ideas of others. This guide is to help you organize your paper, you do not have to write exactly the number of paragraphs stated in each bullet point, but from my breakdown you can see that the most important part should be the one that explains how Latin America and its problems or its strengths are portrayed in the movie.


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