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 “The Innovators” book chapter 11 ( The Web ). This is the link of the ebook version: https://www.vianolavie.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/388/2019/02/INNOVATORS-by-Walter-Isaacson-Tulane-Copy.pdf Throughout the semester, students will read 1 chapter of the book, The Innovators Chapter 11 ( The Web), and write one paper for this chapter. The paper should be single-spaced, 2-page (excluding cover page and references), and typed in Times New Roman in font size 12. The paper should have a title, and consists of at least two sections: 1) A brief narrative of how an IS/IT (Information system and Information Technology) is realized, initiated, designed, and implemented in terms of what/when/where/how this happened, and key character players involved in the series of events. And, 2) Aha! Moment: Key observations/lessons/implications you have learned from the reading from the perspective of business IS. 1. Please keep a balance of the two sections: Half to half: Story Summary vs. Aha! Moment. For the second section of the paper, we are trying our best to stick with the stories and characters and dig deeper at the following aspects to make the reading relevant to the real IS business world, • Observations/lessons/implications you have learned from the reading can be further enhanced by the appropriate resources (e.g., the textbook materials). • You may want to provide some explanations of the concepts, practice, and theories of business IS using any other resources. • Observations/lessons/implications you have learned from the reading should integrate personal observations and experience, and business cases to illustrate the contexts, content, and/or technical configurations. • The plain easy business language will be strongly preferred to explain concepts, practice, and theories of business IS that is understandable to IT professionals and business users


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