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Commercial Script Writing and Argumentation Essay/ Research Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Paper Guidelines Link: https://youtu.be/d5wXdYFsICg Through out this course we’ve learned that we live in a world of persuasion. We see the use of rhetoric everywhere we turn. Politicians, advertising, music videos and printed media all use rhetoric to convince us how to vote, what to purchase, who to aspire to, or to conform to a particular concept of beauty etc. This course has taught you how to identify the use of appeals (logos, pathos, ethos), articulate the nuances of gaze, and the various tactics others employ to attempt to persuade us and those around us. In this 6-page paper you will create a unique piece of persuasion; a commercial for a product that already exists. You will be the rhetor, you will create the text, and you will determine your own audience. You have full control over the rhetorical triangle. Your second task will be to then prove that your piece of persuasion is in fact effective by comparing it to 4 other academic sources and demonstrating how your work is as or more effective as the pieces that you have researched. You must use scholarly research to support your claims of why your piece of persuasion is effective by using at least 4 academic sources other than your textbook to support your argument. Show me how your work is more successful than other similar works of persuasion. How do you utilize appeals? How did you target your audience more effectively? How is your use of gaze more powerful? Show me with your examples and analysis. This is an essay therefore your paper should meet the following standards: MLA format 6 complete pages 4 outside scholarly sources No more than 2 pages describing your piece of persuasion. The rest should be analysis. Remember, the task is to discuss and analyze how it is persuasive. Thesis statement Topic sentences The goal for this paper is to demonstrate your mastery of rhetoric, so I will expect you to use various rhetorical techniques. If you do not, your grade will be impacted. This means that if your paper only discusses Aristotle’s appeals, then it will not receive a passing grade.


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