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 The minimum length for the essay should be five typed pages . Spacing should be no greater than double- spaced, and font size should not exceed 12 pt font. Margins should be no greater than 1 inch. : Socioeconomic Inequalities in Low Birth Weight in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia Martinson, Melissa L ; Reichman, Nancy E American journal of public health, April 2016, Vol.106(4), pp.748-54 Review of Socioeconomic Disparities in Lower Extremity Amputations: A Continuing Healthcare Problem in the United States. Girijala, Raghavendra L ; Bush, Ruth L October 5, 2018 Cureus, Vol.10(10), p.e3418 Reducing Disparities In Access To Health Care. Shelley, John ; Kilgore, Meredith ; Cherrington, Andrea Health affairs (Project Hope), December 2017, Vol.36(12), p.2211


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