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Technology is a vital tool in collecting and analyzing health care data. In the realm of population health, data is gathered and analyzed to identify potential and actual health care trends and issues. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has numerous resources for data distribution and reporting that can be useful. Additionally, there are standards and relevant policies that prescribe how data can be gathered and used, and what technology is appropriate for specific contexts. A clear understanding of regulations and best practices will assist the health care provider to ensure that data and information collection meets current standards to effectively manage chronic diseases, and to promote health and wellness in individuals, communities, and populations. In your initial post, address the following. Be sure to follow the requirements for initial postings found in the Faculty Expectations Message (FEM). Select a population that is of interest to you or relevant to your current practice. Identify at least two aspects of technology that could be used to collect or analyze population health data. Explain how the technology could be leveraged to help identify health concerns in your selected population. Discuss any policies that are relevant (or need to be created) and that must be taken into account for working with your identified technology or chosen population in the practice environment where you work or with which you are most familiar.


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