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Task Description ● Choose (only) one of the topics below ● Identify a relevant example of media which allows you to explore the issues or concepts implicated by the question. ● Research the existing academic literature on your topic, concepts and example. ● Offer a response to the question that critically analysis the trends and issues involved with your topic. Research Questions 1. Analyse an example of diasporic media. Are the identities and values implied in that media anchored in an original homeland? In what ways might they be transnational and/or multilocal? 2. Research and discuss a recent localised version of a television format program. What is the balance of global and local culture in that particular rendition of the format? How might the term cultural hybridity apply to help us understand your case study? 3. Choose an example of globally available journalism. Does it promote the ethics of cosmopolitanism? Why or why not? 4. Research and discuss the role of participatory media in relation to a particular social movement or situation of social unrest. How should we understand what role, if any, new media technologies might play in this context? Assessment Criteria: ● Demonstrate a deep understanding of the core arguments and concepts from one of the topics in the course ● Demonstrate an ability to apply academic theory and concepts in the critical analysis of a specific example of global media. ● Be able to express your ideas clearly in writing in a manner that engages the reader and presents a rigorous argument in your response to the selected essay question ● Be able to reference your ideas using the Harvard in-text referencing style.


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