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 Assessment Plan for a child from a culturally or linguistically diverse background.  From your syllabus: Plan to Assess a Culturally or Linguistically Diverse Learner: Teacher candidates will develop a comprehensive assessment plan for a culturally or linguistically diverse learner between the ages of 18 months and 8 years of age. If students have access to a child who meets this criteria, the student may develop a plan for this child. If not, the student will write a fictional case study on a child who meets the above criteria and develop the assessment plan for this fictional child. Teacher candidates will not implement the plan. Plans will be developed using best practices for assessment of young children. More directions for this assignment will be posted on course resources by June 1st. The assessment plan is due on July 24th. Please use the information you learned this semester to develop a comprehensive plan to assess a child from a culturally or linguistically diverse background. It would be best if you have a child who meets these criteria, who you have observed during this semester. Otherwise, you will need to use a fictional subject. Your plan must be submitted via Chalk and Wire and should include: 1) A detailed description of the child; let me know if the child is real or fictional. Please be sure to keep the child’s true identity confidential. Include the child’s age, grade if applicable, culture and home language as described by the parent/guardian, overview of the child’s family background, medical background, academic or developmental background. Please describe any other relevant information. 2) What type of evaluation will you conduct and why? Will you use a standardized test, and, if so, which one? Will you use an evaluation portfolio? Tell me in great detail why you chose the tool you choose. This also required an in-depth description of the assessment too; for example, if you plan to use the E-LAP, describe this tool in detail. Use information from class to back up your decision; use in-text citing. 


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