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Goal and research question Goal: To determine the relationship between climate change and health in the Middle East (effected people health) through the Primary, secondary and tertiary effects of the climate change on human health. 1) the impact on their environment (diseases, lack of water & rainfall). 2) heatwaves (heat stroke). (people living in poverty) 3) psychological health. Find  data in some of the countries of the middle east have effected through the climate change on their health by the primary, secondary and tertiary effects. The big problem to do this research is to find the data or evidence support that the Middle East has affected by climate change. But for my list of reference has evidence to support this research also follow the guide below to write my research proposal. 1) Abstract 2) goal and research question 3) background of research 4) literature review 5) research objectives 6) methodology 7) resources required 8) limitations and delimitations 9) possible issues and risks 6) methodology This study will be based on a systematic review in order to provide a summary of the current evidence on climate change in the Middle East. Follow this methodology and any evidence you find, do list it in the reference list. And tell me how much evidence you find in the proposal.


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