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An endangered species of bird was discovered within a wilderness area located on a local farmer’s land. The farmer has been approached by a developer interested in purchasing his land. The sale of this land would allow the farmer to retire and live comfortably for the rest of his life. Local wildlife preservation groups and environmental protection groups want the wilderness area preserved to maintain the habitat for this endangered bird. If the wilderness patch must be preserved, the developer will not buy the land. “This little patch of land is not crucial for the bird species!” the farmer says, “In fact, my land is surrounded by several other wilderness patches that also have that bird.” I need to have the question in bold answered in your own words. No citations are allowed. “You have been hired by the farmer to evaluate the conservation concerns related to this wilderness area. For your initial post, you will be siding with the farmer”. Do some research and provide a valid argument as to why the wilderness area does not need to be preserved.


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