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Select a recent attack or vulnerability of interest in the cyber field (within the last six months). You will incorporate what you learn in your chosen event and its accompanying actors into a presentation. Please be detailed in this report and cover all requirements. You’ll need to include the following elements in your presentation, so keep these in mind as you choose an event. -Summary introduction of the event itself -An incident timeline -The attack vectors -A description of the major players in the attack and response -Any analyses completed thus far, i.e., what is currently known and what is not known -A spotlight on one role that you think is critical to the team response to this attack (Use information from the professionals interviewed in the news for this event and any others similar to it, and write up a one-slide profile of what this character’s role might entail). -Lessons learned -An annotated bibliography with at least three reliable sources with a short description of their value to this event analysis. (How do you evaluate a resource?). Use proper cites (easybib) in MLA7 format


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