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For this assignment, you have read Chapters 1-12 in your textbook and reflected on parents as partners in education. Now reflect on what you have learned about families and schools working together. Your textbook describes the movement toward engaging families and communities as partners in education. You have been named principal of an early childhood school or director of early childhood programming in a school district. One of the biggest issues that you face as a new administrator is that the parents and community have not had an active role in the school and have actually been made to feel less than welcome. The parents of students with disabilities and English language learners are even less active than others. You were selected as the next leader in this setting because you discussed the importance of parents and community in your interview. Using the content of your reading, create a parent involvement plan with the following: Compose a yearlong plan with activities to involve parents of all students in your school or center. Write goals and objectives for the program. Use the six types of parent/family involvement to develop specific activities for involving families and for providing services to them. Support the activities you suggest with research and examples from published literature. Explain how you would involve fathers, language-minority families, and families of children with disabilities. A timeline for your plan. Include an appendix that contains the following: A parent bulletin board that illustrates the various components of your parent involvement program. Two interest finders should be included. Support the activities you suggest with research and examples from published literature.


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