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 For this assignment, please closely observe the artwork that you are writing about. If it’s a movie, watch the whole thing. If it’s a painting, just look at it closely and observe. If it’s a TV show, watch at least two episodes. In a list, make at least five observations of choices that the creators have made, that serve as strong evidence towards your critic’s opinion of that artwork, and say why; and five more observations of choices that contradict the critic’s opinion and say why. For example, Emily Nussbaum thinks that Sex and the City is a bold, groundbreaking show. The choice that the creators made, to have Carrie get married to Big at the end, contradicts Nussbaum’s argument by falling into a romantic comedy cliche. For another example, the fact that the princesses in Frozen are both thin, white, and conventionally beautiful, just like every other Disney princess, serves as strong evidence for Carina Chocano’s argument that the movie isn’t really groundbreaking or feminist. After you’ve made your list, put together a 500+ word “close reading” of the artwork that analyzes whether, from your perspective, the critic is right about it. This corresponds with Section 3 of your essay that we’re working on (Essay #2).


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