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There should be five paragraphs clearly labeled. Paragraph 1: Should be labeled as: • Article Summary (This is to be a detailed review/summary of the article you read. Do not make vague statements, you should give specifics. For example do not say ‘several techniques were used’. Tell what each was in specific detailed summary. Paragraph 2: Should be labeled as: • Authors’ Contribution (This paragraph should answer this question: How does the author contribute to the field of counseling by writing this article? If there is no contribution, you need another article! There must be purpose ! Paragraph 3: Should be labeled: • Benefit to the Counselor (This should answer this question: How does this article benefit me as an aspiring counselor? How can I use it? If it doesn’t benefit you, you need to choose another article). Paragraph 4: Should be labeled as: • New Research (This paragraph is the most difficult to answer. It does NOT deal with what the author/s have done. It comes from you as a future researcher! You look at the article critically. What could the authors have done differently, done better, done to expand the results or make the results more able to be generalized? You look at the research completed and then tell what you would do to this research to make it better. YOU are now the RESEARCHER!) Paragraph 5: Should be labeled: • Reaction (Your reaction to the article. This should be your last paragraph. You should say whether you liked the article or not and why or why not. You must give your reasons for your opinion to get full credit.)


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