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This Discussion Board assignment (both original post and a reply to a classmate’s original post) Discussion Board original posts should be approximately 500-700 words in length (or a little longer is fine) and must incorporate specific examples and concepts and citations with page numbers (when possible) from the lectures, readings, and/or videos from the week. This week’s course materials expanded upon the topics of inequality and inequity within education, especially structural factors that have caused or exacerbated these problems. Citing the MacLeod reading, at least one of Dr. Nakagawa’s lessons/lectures, and at least two of the supplemental readings, please answer the following questions in a few paragraphs: Compare and contrast Gates & Agee from Hoop Dreams with the young men from Ain’t No Makin’ It. How does the educational system operate in helping/hindering Gates & Agee in comparison to the Hallway Hangers and the Brothers? What role could or should sports play in schooling? Some policy makers have proposed that everyone should be able to get a college degree. Would this result in less inequality in income or a closing of the income gap? What reforms in higher education might make sense to result in more access & equity? What level of discipline is needed and appropriate at different levels of schooling? How should adminstrators use out-of-school suspensions, if at all? Recently-passed legislation bills in Arizona (SB 1099 [2017]) allows schools to request funds to hire more safety officers and allow juvenile probation officers to be located at the school site. Given this week’s readings, what effects might this have on different student populations?


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