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Team Meeting Analysis

Communication differs in both individual and team circumstances, thus understanding communication (individual and team) is necessary for an effective and productive outcome in any workplace environment. Here, the focus is communication related to work groups or teams, which is extremely important in all organizations. A cohesive team is necessary in order to meet organizational goals. • Select a formal committee or formal team meeting to observe. A formal meeting commonly falls into one of a number of categories, including board meetings, committees, special task forces and groups. There will be a formal agenda and supporting documents for distribution among the attendees. Minutes must always be taken at formal meetings. Also-The majority of day-to-day meetings organized by businesses will fall into the “informal” category. These can include staff catch-ups, brainstorming sessions and progress updates. Although it’s not mandatory to have an agenda at an informal meeting, most managers agree it’s a good idea, as it keeps everyone focused on the job in hand and makes sure people have the relevant information in front of them. These types of meetings (team huddles, staff meetings etc.) are not acceptable for this assignment. • This can be a town, professional, work, or academic committee. • Please choose a meeting for which you do not normally participate. • Please submit the agenda, date, time and place of the meeting. If this is not submitted, the meeting assignment will not be accepted. • The meeting you attend must be current. Summarize the meeting: 1. What are the benefits of a team meeting? 2. Who are the players? What is the purpose of the meeting you attended? Is this time sensitive or ongoing? 3. Describe your observation of formal and informal roles of the group. What are the individuals roles? What are the strengths/weaknesses of the group? Were their goals achieved? This should address the group dynamics not the topic of the meeting. 4. Describe your prior experiences as being a member of a team/committee. What qualities made the group productive or presented barriers? Provide an example from a group you were a member, how did that experience compare to the meeting you attended? 5. Paper should be 2-3 pages and in APA format, with a title page and a reference page. An abstract is not necessary. (You may use all previously assigned materials, and additional nursing scholarly references- within 5 years). Entire referenced articles must be attached P.S: remember to answer the questions and not do a recap of what happened during the meeting. Be sure to include formal and informal roles observed, as well as an article that is not your book.


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