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Organizational Culture (immigration).

 Part One – For this assignment, search YouTube and select a video from an organization that discusses their stance on a political issue such as immigration (e.g., Starbucks statement about hiring 10,000 refugees, Budweiser commercial from 2017 Super Bowl on immigration). In 500-750 words, complete the following: *Describe how the messaging in the video reflects the culture of the organization. *Assess the effectiveness of the advertisement. *Construct arguments to support your position on the effectiveness of the advertisement. *Discuss the benefits and drawbacks to organizations making public comments on social and political issues. Part Two – Most organizations now have social media policies with which they expect their members to comply. For this assignment, locate at least two social media policies from organizations. In 1,000 to 1,250 words, complete the following: *Evaluate the two policies, assessing their strengths and drawbacks. *Recommend which policy you believe to be the most effective in gaining buy-in from organizational members. *Identify any potential ethical issues that are contained in the policies. (What might be done to rectify these ethical issues?) Discuss your own views on social media polices. (Is it ethical for organizations to utilize such policies? Or is social media something that organizations should stay out of with respect to member use?) Remember to include the copies of the two policies you find.


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