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Monde Nissin Corporation.

SkyFlakes® Crackers are produced by Monde M.Y. San Corporation, a subsidiary of Monde Nissin Corporation. In Canada, retail channel partners include Loblaw, Walmart and Amazon. You have been hired by the brand manager of SkyFlakes∗. The brand manager wants your insights into the following: 1) Briefly explain how you would position this product 2) Describe the changes would you make to the packaging? • Discuss the positives and negatives/challenges of your idea(s) 3) How might the company extend the product line? • Discuss the positives and negatives/challenges of your idea(s) 4) Identify and evaluate existing marketing communications of SkyFlakes® 5) Describe your Integrated Marketing Communications concept: • Be specific (“Facebook” is vague; “contest” is vague; “radio” is vague) • Discuss the positives and negatives/challenges of each component of your concept Maximum page length: 5 pages single-spaced


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