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Identifying a Theoretical Framework

 Using your responses from u08s2, post a well-written message in which you address the following: Your research topic from section 1.1: Research Topic, of your Dissertation Research Plan. If you are developing a new theory, provide a brief statement explaining your choice of developing a new theory as opposed to applying an existing theory. If you are using an existing theory: Identify the theory. Provide a brief description of the theory. Use your responses to u08s2 to briefly explain how you will test the theory in your dissertation. Describe the theoretical implications you believe your study could have for your field and your specialization area. Once you have completed your work in this discussion, you can transfer it to Section 3 of your Dissertation Research Plan. Unit 2 introduced you to the role of theory in dissertation research. In unit 8, you will begin the process of how to identify and apply theory in scientific research. At this time in the research process, you don’t know if your study will utilize a quantitative method or a qualitative method. Identifying a methodology is not necessary at this stage in topic development. What is important is that through your coursework and readings, you develop expertise for understanding the role of theory in scientific research.


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