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Gender and Heteronormativity, gender non-conformity, queerness

Gender and Heteronormativity, gender non-conformity, queerness

Reading Synthesis The course material has been designed in such a way that readings complement each other, and can be put in conversation with one another. You will be required to write one reading synthesis during the semester, that discusses and integrates the arguments from 2-3 readings from one week (this cannot include more than one chapter from Petersen’s book). This assignment is your chance to delve deeper into the material and demonstrate you understand how different sources can be synthesized to inform a broader thesis. This assignment is not simply a summary of these articles, but instead, you will summarize the main findings and put them in conversation with each other. How does reading one give greater clarity or more information to build on when reading it with the other? Are the authors claiming different things, and if so, does one seem more compelling than the other? Why? How do these readings further your understanding of gender in the context of this course? The readings synthesis should be 1,000 words in length, double spaced, with 1” margins, 12 point font.


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