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What is the difference between a limited-service hotel and a full-service hotel? 1 paragraph – What is the difference between a full-service hotel and a casino-hotel? 1 paragraph – Identify three full-service, non-casino hotels in Las Vegas. Write one paragraph about each property including the history of the property, the current star rating and number of reviews on TripAdvisor, and an assessment of their location. Total 3 paragraph – What are examples of three major brands of full-service hotels in the United States? Write 1 paragraph about each brand to include the history of the brand, the number of locations in the world, the attributes of the brand. Total 3 paragraph – Using TripAdvisor, identify four major complaint areas for guests of non-casino, full-service hotels in Las Vegas and hypothesize how your property will try to combat these issues. 1 paragraph – Identify which property in Las Vegas you wish to use as for the rest of your project. This property that you are planning to choose and for the rest of the project has to be the one that are not used in this current paper. Total 9 paragraph Formatting All parts of the assignment must be in 12 points, Times New Roman, and double-spaced. For the written parts of the assignment, there must be headings to clarify each section. The questions should not be included in assignments. Rather, the answers should clearly identify which part of the assignment is being asked. All assignments must be checked for spelling and grammar. Points will be deducted for problems with spelling, grammar, and punctuation. All assignment must use citations in APA format. This means you must have a list of references at the end of your homework in alphabetical order AND you must have in-text citations. An in-test citation looks like this: Previous research suggest that consumers value the relationship they built with hosts while staying at an Airbnb-style accommodation (Belarmino, Whalen, Koh, & Bowen, 2017).Failure to include citations will result in a loss of 5 points. Failure to follow the correct citation procedures outlined below will result in a loss of 3 points.


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