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Explain and describes diabetes mellitus from a cultural and/or ethical perspective of inquiry

Compose a brief and focused paper which explains and describes diabetes mellitus from a cultural and/or ethical perspective of inquiry. Your paper must be 1,500 words in length and reference 4-6 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources. References must be not more than 3 years old. Be sure to follow APA formatting standards. Address your general topic by forming and answering two levels of research questions, developed to provide specific and detailed inquiry, discovery and understanding: o Choose a “Level 1 Research Question/ Writing Prompt” from either or both of the lists below to answer in the paper. o Compose a “Level 2 Research Question/ Writing Prompt” that provides detail, specificity, and focus to your inquiry, research and writing**. • State your research questions in the introduction of your paper. • Form the body of your paper by answering each research question, using references to the resources found in your research. • Review the process and the resulting understandings in the conclusion of the paper (briefly review the issues, research questions, answers, and insights.) Level 1 Research Questions/Writing Prompts ETHICAL Perspective of Inquiry • What laws govern or pertain to the issue? • What ethical obstacles affect how the issue is addressed by the medical community? • How do ethical theories apply to the issue? • How are money, power, and control matters related to the issue and its treatment? Level 1 Research Questions/Writing Prompts CULTURAL Perspective of Inquiry • Which cultural values and/or norms influence the issue? • How is the issue addressed differently in varying cultural contexts and situations? • Which cultures or societies are most affected by the issue? Why? • Which cultural traditions affect the treatment(s)?


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