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Design a small HIV/AIDS-related awareness project

Design a small HIV/AIDS-related awareness project that is geared toward a specific audience in your local community. Identify where this proposed project would be implemented. Examples include your place of employment, gym, place of worship, local library, community organization, etc. Projects can range from talks to high school students or senior citizens, designing posters or pamphlets, organizing fundraisers for local HIV/AIDS organizations etc. Describe the following in your plan (be as detailed as possible): a) Name of project (come up with a catchy title) b) Identify target audience (and explain why you chose this group) c) Choose setting for your project d) Duration of project e) Goals f) Describe how your project will be implemented g) How much will your project cost? What resources would you need? How will you obtain the funds and resources? h) How will you assess the effectiveness of your project


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