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Current events in psychopathology

Current events in psychopathology 

Conduct and online search of current events related to the field of abnormal psychology (AKA psychopathology). Find a minimum of three (3) articles you want to summarize and discuss (must be from the last 90 days). Your writeup must be at least 3-4 pages in length and formatted according to APA guidelines. Page count does not include title page or references page. You are not required to include an abstract. You are required to include pagination, headings, citations, and a running head. You are required to use at least 2 peer reviewed journal articles for your project. In your writeup, include discussion of the following for EACH article: Name, Date, and Publication/Website of Article (Must be in last 90 days) Global Psychology Themes discussed or of focus in articles Factors/considerations in the following areas as they relate to global psychology: Cultural background Gender identification Sexual orientation Religious beliefs Were any hot button topics included? Did you agree/disagree with the views expressed in the article – explain your stance. How accurate is the article in relaying information from the field of global psychology and mental health treatment? NOTE RE: PAPER: You are expected to turn the PAPER in by the due date depositing it in the appropriate section in the CANVAS Classroom. Assignments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED after that deadline – check the syllabus and assignment links for specific information on time and dates.


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