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Contemporary international business and Global strategy


ALL QUESTIONS SHOULD BE ANSWERED SEPARATELY AND NUMBERED WITH SOME USEFUL TABLES AND DIAGRAMS TO BE USED IN THIS ASSIGNMENT. Approach to write the assignment ( Case study on Google) 1. Introduction brief history of Google ( half a page) 2. Focusing on the Chinese market, critically assess how formal institutions (i.e. political, legal, economic) and informal institutions (i.e. culture, ethical) affect the development of global strategy for Google. 3. Set out the various methods that Google could use to develop a future global strategy or strategies (i.e. Mergers, Acquisitions, International, Corporate Entrepreneurship etc) and recommend and justify an appropriate strategy (or strategies) for adoption by the company. 4. Critically assess Google in terms of core and distinctive competencies and how these can be leveraged to provide sustainable competitive advantage. 5. It is often argued that Google’s many innovations have changed the way we live. Critically evaluate the positive and negative impact these developments have on business and society, and the responsibility that comes with Google’s power. Discuss google VRIO) i.e. Value, Rarity, imitability and organisation 6. Conclusion & Recommendations 7.Harvard referenc


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