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Baseline Survey

Baseline Survey


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Answer the following questions with 100-200 words: Explain your current understanding of effective assessment practices including the difference between summative and formative assessment.. Write about your belief in the worth of large-scale standardized tests, and distinguish between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced varieties. Explain your understanding of appropriate and inappropriate test preparation and on your understanding of the practice of “teaching to the test.” In a few sentences, give your understanding of the Response to Intervention process and how it may or may not reduce the number of students classified as learning disabled. Describe your beliefs in fair grading practices, including giving extra credit, allowing do-overs, assigning zeros for cheating or work not handed in, and the concept of giving exemplars, drafts, feedback, and student-friendly rubrics. Be sure to support your comments with evidence from your personal experience and/or information/resources from other courses you have taken.


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