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Advance practice nursing: Texas vs Florida

 Module 3 Assignment Rubric; NP Issue Module 3 Assignment:Complete a 3-5-page paper that compares the state of Texas to another State of your choice in the terms of ANP regulation in ONE of the following issues.Delegated Authority Practice location APN owned practice Prescriptive authority Student expectationsProfessional/graduate level paper Use of a cover sheet APA format 3-5 scholarly references Organization/format, narrative Paper specificsProvide a Definition statement regarding the issue that you are discussing Review the state by state comparison, narrative Provide pros/cons of each state, from your interpretation of the regulation influence on the APN practice Could you find any discussion on plan to change the regulatory status/pending bills that might influence the state, if no discuss how/where you searched. Provide your opinion on which state might offer more opportunity for your future practice and WHY. Levels of Achievement Criteria excellent Needs Improvement Definition statement regarding the issue presented 100 % 75 % Review of State by State comparison 100 % 75 % Pro’s/Cons of each State, student interpretation of how this would influence their APN practice 100 % 75 % Verbalized if any pending legislature that may change those states regulatory status 100 % 75 % Provided an opinion on which state may offer more opportunity to their future ANP practice 100 % 75 % Discussed one key point that may be applicable to their future practice 100 % 0 %


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